Thursday, April 14, 2011

More people are joining the party

 By: Jenna Cook
            Many students like Brittlyn D. Zeller junior construction management major are joining the party craze called Zumba at WSU.
            Zeller is among many other students who participate in one of eight Zumba classes offered by WSU University Recreation.
            According to University Recreation webpage “Zumba is a Latin dance inspired aerobic workout for all fitness levels. This class feels more like a party than a workout, but after an hour of this class you will know you did plenty of work!”
            Zeller tries to push herself and stay fit she says before her Zumba class begins on Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:10 p.m.
            “I don’t like going to the Rec because I get bored being on exercise machines or running on the track, said Zeller. After hearing from a friend about Zumba and trying it, I really like it.”
            Zeller is taking her second Zumba class this year and loves it. She also likes her instructor who gives the class lots of energy with her hip shaking dance routines.
            “My instructor is really fun and she is a big part of why I like taking this (fitness) class.”
            Since Zumba is based on dancing each instructor has their own style and energy levels that they bring to each class said Zeller. “I like my instructor because her choreography is really fast pace.”
            Even though this is her second class Zeller still fumbles up on some steps in the routines.   “Some of the routines take a couple times to get the hang of them, but when I mess up I just move my feet and laugh at myself. Zumba isn’t serious it’s fun. So if you mess up there are probably other people who are too.”
            Zeller said she has told many of her friends to take the class with her. “I have told at least five of my friends to take the class with me or at least take a Zumba class and try it.”
            Nate Balko coordinator of Group Fitness & Instruction at the Recreational Center at WSU said “beginning with our first class in Spring 2010 we have seen a consistent increase in registration for our Zumba classes.”
            University Recreation has had to add classes and make changes to their fitness classes program. “We had to do away with the Fitness Passport (where you could pay a flat rate for access to many different classes) because we had too many people showing up to Zumba classes.  Instead, we separated out the classes, added more Zumba classes, and capped the registration of each class to avoid having to turn anyone away” said Balko.
            Tracy Casteel, junior apparel merchandise and textiles major said “I loved the class and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to exercise and have fun doing it too.”
            Just like Zeller, Casteel has suggested Zumba to her friends too.
            Balko believes the trend will grow, “as Zumba adds more training programs it makes it easier for instructors to continue to add variety and fun to the classes.”

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